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6th Dartford Scouts

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Scouts Uniform and Badges

Click Here to find more information on the Scout section Badge Requirements



Items of the official uniform:

  • Scout teal green long sleeved shirt or blouse;
  • Navy blue scout activity trousers;
  • Group scarf and woggle;(supplied by us)
  • Leather Scout belt and buckle.
  • Dark Shoes (school shoes are acceptable)

Optional items

  • Navy blue shorts;
  • Grey fleece;
  • Navy blue outer jacket;
  • Navy blue baseball cap.

Optional items for activity dress:

  • Teal green polo shirt;
  • Navy blue sweatshirt.


When you decide to become a member of the scout section you will need to purchase the official uniform. We will supply the Group scarf, woggle and all the badges.

The uniform can be purchased from our District Scout Shop, Broomhill Road, west Dartford. It is open on Mondays

& Wednesdays between 19.00 and 21.00hrs. Any profit made from this shop helps fund our scouting locally.

Uniform is also available from TFS in Dartford and John Lewis or on-line at www.scout-and-guide-shop.co.uk

Or www.scoutshops.com

Sweatshirts - the measurements are larger than those in school sweatshirts of the same size.

Activity Trousers - tall children may require a larger age size. Allow for growing room. Tall Scouts may

require an adult size.

Smart shirt - there is a big jump in dimensions from XS to S. Buy for growing room and allow for under layers.

Blouses - girls sizes are small fitting.

Polo Shirts - these are smaller in size than equivalent sweatshirts.

Hats - the size is shown in inches and cms. If the size is not known measure the circumference of the head.

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